REL Chooses Meridian for FinishLine Retail Fixture Deliveries

Meridian was selected to provide transportation and setup services for FinishLine’s displays in Macy’s department stores by Retail Environment Logisitcs, Inc. The deliveries are unique as both the displays and their installation services must be integrated at each Macy’s stores just at the right time. Delivery locations are throughout the United States and special coordination is necessary between Meridian’s transportation services, various installation providers and the actual stores. In addition, each Macy’s location has specific delivery requirements and the retail fixture installation may not disrupt the store’s operating hours or cause unplanned overtime.

Over its 50 year history, Meridian Worldwide Transportation Group has provided customized logistical solutions in the retail fixture market. The ability to provide bundled transportation coordinated with other onsite services demonstrates Meridian’s expertise in providing its customers with cost-effective delivery solutions. Meridian’s internal tracking systems and processes throughout its entire North American Network ensures efficient sales-fixture delivery and setup in any store across America. Meridian has provided services for a variety of retail providers similar to FinishLine; these include Tommy Bahamas, Coach, Men’s Warehouse, Gymboree and Michael Kors. In certain cases, entire logistical solutions are completely managed by Meridian and its transportation network.

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