Meridian’s Technology

Meridian continually invests in technology to give customers greater transparency into, confidence in, and control over the services we offer.

Our technology is one piece of our overall Meridian Control Tower. We implement these tools with an eye towards precision and simplicity.


Meridian’s transportation technology is built upon Microsoft technology platforms and accesses data stored in SQL servers through secured web services using MS SharePoint. Each cargo item is checked through several delivery gateways informing the entire team and our customers where their shipments are during any stage of delivery.

In addition, we offer electronic data interchange between Meridian, our customers, and their end consumers. Companies can receive data via EDI, HTML, XML, and flat files. This allows them to know where deliveries are and to keep their own customers informed.


Meridian’s technology leverages data from a huge variety of sources. Our ability to collect and interpret transportation data is one of the reasons we can solve delivery issues before they become major problems.

Our data sources include web-based interfaces; handheld scanners; Wi-Fi, cellular, GPS, photographic and Bluetooth capabilities. Wherever information comes in—by telephone, data entry, or automated system—we can use it to provide better transportation services.

Learn about coming updates to our technology, or contact Meridian to see how our systems can support your businesses.

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