Technology Services

Third-party logistics businesses (3PL) and other companies use Meridian’s technology services to improve their operations.

Third-Party Logistics Businesses (3PLs)

Meridian provides other third-party logistics businesses with software to help them manage their delivery network. Our technology can give 3PLs the same type of insights and control as we offer our delivery customers.

This may include:

  • Mapping software to show real-time information about the location of deliveries.
  • Integration with desktop, mobile, GPS, telephone, and other platforms for easier tracking.
  • A transparent, web-based system their own customers can use to check the status of deliveries.

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Other Businesses

Meridian applies its logistics software to the challenges that companies face every day. The Meridian “Control Tower” is a set of processes and technology that allows a business to manage any network of providers it might have.

With our technology services, companies can:

  • Determine requirements of a process (such as production, warehousing, sales, and delivery).
  • Establish checkpoints, or “gateways”, for completing the process.
  • Integrate tracking to update the status of a process automatically.
  • See statistical performance over time and evaluate potential changes for improvement.
  • Determine costs, track revenue, and facilitate financial transactions.

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