Business Delivery

For companies with unique requirements, Meridian Worldwide Transportation Group offers reliable, scalable business delivery services. Over $2 billion in goods flow through our network each year.

Learn how choosing Meridian allows customers to focus on their core business while maintaining complete control over their delivery network.

Special Care in Business Delivery

White Glove.
Many customers need to transport bulky, heavy, or fragile goods. Meridian’s operators prioritize the safety and security of goods from pick-up to delivery, whether it is copy machines, office furniture, or medical equipment.

Final Mile.
Meridian team members can deliver items to wherever they need to go: curb, door, dock, garage, or inside. We offer business delivery to remote areas; second-story deliveries; and multiple-piece orders, and we transport items to nearly 80% of all U.S. postal codes at least once per week.

On-site Tear-Down and Setup.
Combining transportation with service, Meridian operators can remove unwanted items from the delivery location. This saves the end customer the cost and time of hauling these items away. Meridian can also construct or install equipment on-site.

Capacity and Capabilities

High-Volume / High-Velocity Business Delivery.
Meridian meets increasing demands with superior technology and logistics systems. We help our customers scale so that they can keep their commitments to their customers.

Warehouse. Meridian’s warehouse services include merge in transit, vendor-managed, pick-pack, and other options.

Less-Than-Truckload Business Delivery.
We can deliver individual items that have unique requirements. If an item is bulky or heavy, needs special handling, or is going to a hard-to-reach location, Meridian is the right choice.

Proven Logistics Systems

  1. Even as Meridian focuses on the most difficult deliveries, we maintain an on-time rate of over 98%. Our technology allows us to respond to potential concerns before they create delays. We back this system with a responsive, U.S.-based customer center.
  1. Meridian gives business delivery customers visibility into their network. We offer electronic data transfer options (EDI, HTML, XML, flat files) so that they can share status updates and tracking details with their own customers.

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