Motorcycle Transport

We use the largest motorcycle-equipped fleet in the United States to provide one of the safest options available today. The hardware and procedures were designed to help keep bikes safe.

Read more below about how Meridian allows helps business and riders feel confident about transporting motorcycles.

Special Care Provided

Motorcycle Platforms provide a Perimeter of Protection®
We use custom skids as support platforms when moving motorcycles with our Classic Service. These were designed to create “safe space” around the bikes, or a Perimeter of Protection. Our process also employs motorcycle-specific straps to secure the bike from all four corners. This system was designed by motorcycle enthusiasts who understand the value of using proper equipment to secure the bike.

Protected and Inspected
$7,000 Valuation Coverage is included with each motorcycle shipment and it comes with a “Zero” deductible. Each bike is inspected upon pick up and delivery and a condition report is provided. Additional coverage can be provided to match the value of the unit and help provide peace of mind when it’s needed most.

We Make it Simple
We have invested in tools and technology to help simplify the process of using the motorcycle shipping network. Business and individuals can Get Instant Quotes, Book Orders and Track Shipments at their convenience.

Capacity and Capabilities

Specialty Trucks for Special Vehicles
Fully-enclosed air-ride trucks are used to provide a smooth ride and protect fragile finishes during transport. These transport units have extra large lift gates that are needed to safely load and unload large motorcycles.

Nationwide Coverage. We recognize the need for an reliable, door-to-door service so we use the largest motorcycle-transport equipped fleet of trucks in the nation. With over 500 transport units across the US, we can scale to meet the needs and demands of business.

Dedicated Drivers.
Class A rated professional truck operators understand the importance of getting your bike delivered safely. Motorcycle handling and training procedures are at the center of our operations to help ensure safe deliveries for all.

On-Time Delivery

We maintain an on-time rate of over 98% with service to almost every zip code in the US. Our team is trained to respond to potential concerns before they create delays.

Relax, and let the professional motorcycle movers handle the load. Get an Instant Quote, Book Orders and Track Shipments on our Motorcycle Shipping website.

Motorcycle Transport

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