Meridian Worldwide Transportation Group supports businesses with unique logistics and delivery requirements. From high-volume, high-velocity orders to tear down and installation to white-glove delivery, we build and manage effective solutions with a 98% on-time rate.

Our services include:

Home Delivery
Individuals and businesses use Meridian for shipping items the final mile to the curb, door, or inside of the home.

Business Delivery
Meridian stores, transports, and delivers items from business to business worldwide.

Logistics Program Development
We create reliable, scalable, and efficient systems for warehousing, transporting, and tracking items.

Technology Services
Third-party logistics businesses and other companies use Meridian’s software and systems to optimize their workflow.

Truckload / Less-Than-Truckload
Meridian delivers small shipments with unique requirements as well as transports high-volume, ongoing orders.

Air Freight
We coordinate air and ground services to deliver quickly, reliably, and securely.

Meridian’s seamless network of ocean and air freight delivers items throughout the world.

Explore Meridian’s services, or contact us for a solution to your logistics and delivery.

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