Overall System Overview

Over $2 billion in delivery product flows through Meridian Worldwide Transportation Group’s network each year. We manage it all with the Meridian Control Tower: a combination of superior technology and logistics best practices.

The Meridian Control Tower lets us monitor all assets within a network. Our customers know the status of each delivery item and shipment, and we have the ability to react quickly to any challenges within that system.

Meridian uses the Control Tower to connect offline and online activities and to shift resources as needed. We:

  • Establish processes with our partners. Our drivers, pilots, and captains are experienced operators who provide us with information about the delivery, route, equipment, customer, and more.
  • Define specific checkpoints, or “gateways,” for a customer’s logistics network. Examples include the arrival of a truck at a home for delivery; a warehouse pickup; or a truck passing through a certain mile mark.
  • Evaluate potential delays. When the data we receive tells us of a problem in the system, we already know what solutions are available to stay on schedule.
  • Determine costs and revenue. Customers can request changes to the timing or expense of a delivery system, and we can provide options to meet their needs.

By marrying human expertise and the right technology, Meridian helps customers deliver on-time and as expected no matter the complexity of the delivery.

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