Meridian Launches New Website

Meridian is completely modernizing its web presence and paving the way for new internal systems. Meridian awarded a contract to Firm Media, Inc. in Monrovia, Ca. to completely renovate the corporation’s website enhancing its internet presence and exploit social media. The site is attenuated to all computer modalities including personal computers, tablets and smartphones. “The website is a complete overhaul of the existing internet presence and begins to pave the way for future enhancements providing portals to our network team and our valued customers,” says Tom Stockbridge, CEO of Meridian Worldwide Transportation Group.

The initial upgrade provides a modern look and feel to the website and incorporates updated Meridian capability information. In addition, the site makes use of social media in Facebook and in LinkedIn to communicate with the Meridian team, where customers can obtain corporate service and capability information, and acts as a gateway for allowing network service providers entry into Meridian’s asset tracking system. Over the course of the next year, the website will be greatly enhanced with new features servicing both Meridian Customers and transportation Consignees. Meridian is investing heavily into its IT infrastructure and the website is part of the IT evolution.

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