Management Team

George Schmidt, CEO

With over 40 years in the moving and storage industry in the San Francisco Bay Area, George’s stewardship has propelled Meridian Worldwide into one of the preeminent logistics companies in the world. George was instrumental in developing transportations innovations to serve the growing needs of the Silicone Valley and through his leadership continues to lead the company into next generation developments for our clients.

Tom Stockbridge

Tom Stockbridge, President

Tom is the driving force of Meridian Worldwide matching passion with creativity to equal innovation. Tom’s 20 plus years of experience in logistics in the Silicone Valley coupled with his hands on approach to developing simple solutions to complex problems has been a bellwether in Meridian Worldwide growth. Tom’s passion and enthusiasm has enabled MWW to attract and retain the necessary human capital to meet customers’ ever changing logistics requirements.

Mark Laviola

Mark Laviola, Vice President

Mark’s distinguishing career in local, regional and national operations along with his guidance within business development of key vertical industries has been and continues to be a cornerstone of Meridian Worldwide value proposition. A practical realist with the ability to design and implement processes at the transaction level to meet the hierarchy of needs at the customer level, Mark’s leadership within operations allows Meridian to execute on every level.

Simon Dekke

Simon Dekker, Chief Information Officer

Simon has over 30 years of information technology and business management experience, and he holds an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix. He oversees the use and enhancements to Meridian’s transportation tracking systems that monitor and control logistics activities and home delivery. Simon has managed information technology programs for large fortune 500 companies and government agencies. He is an accomplished software designer and has produced large scale, enterprise systems in the defense, scientific, finance and business operations applications.

Jerry Hirsch

Jerry Hirsch, Corporate Controller

Jerry’s background working in both large, corporate and small, entrepreneurial companies has led to experience developing structure, controls and disciplines that allows Meridian Worldwide to offer competitive rates to our clients while meeting and maintaining corporate financial goals. Jerry has developed the strictest protocols to maintain the necessary controls and yet still created a flexible environment to foster innovation and risk taking that’s beneficial to clients and owners alike.

Tiffany Rioux

Tiffany Rioux, Director, Home Delivery Network Operations

Tiffany is recognized as one of the top trainers in logistics 3rd party delivery. She has 25 years working in logistics management and implementation. Tiffany is recognized as a leader in logistics technology systems. She is instrumental in aligning technology initiatives with performance goals. One of Tiffany’s largest achievements is the carrier network she trained and help build throughout the last decade.

Tiffany’s background ranges from freight forwarding to final mile delivery for some of the largest companies in the world. In her early years as a General Manager, Operations manager and Traffic manager she learned the value of standardization and superior service.

Barry Celaya, Vice President, Network Development

Barry has served the Transportation and Logistics industry with distinction in all areas of operations, sales, general management as well as Regional Vice President roles. Barry has a reputation for quality leadership and business execution set to a standard that exceeds customer expectations as well as internal financial goals. Barry’s integrity coupled with his hands on approach to direct and lead, brings a consistent level of standardization throughout the entire Meridian Network.

Nate Smith, Director of Account Operations

Nate has developed his expertise in account operations with over 16 years of experience in transportation and logistics. From hands on managerial experience in driver planning, sales, recruiting and establishing performance standards for employees and contractors all the way to General Manager. Nate’s skills in operations enables him to understand, build and promote customer facing performance standards to ensure we deliver optimal performance to all of our clientele.

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